Trauma Integration Services

Trauma Integration Services

The Trauma Integration Team

David Stanley, LCSW
Director of Adult Trauma Services 

David is the Director of Adult Trauma Services for the Institute for Health & Recovery in Watertown, Massachusetts. In his current position, he assists a variety of organizations in enhancing their capacity to provide trauma-informed, integrated care.  

David has worked in various management and clinical positions for over thirty years and as a staff training specialist since 1995. He received his Bachelor of Science in Human Services from Springfield College and a Master of Social Work degree from Washington University in Saint Louis. He is a licensed certified social worker in the state of Massachusetts.

Nicole LeBlanc, LICSW
Adult Trauma Specialist  

Nicole is an Adult Trauma Specialist for the Institute for Health & Recovery in Watertown, Massachusetts.  In her current position, she assists agencies by providing a wide range of consultation and training by incorporating trauma integration approaches to policy and staff development.

Nicole received her bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Mass Boston and her Master of Social Work Degree from Boston University. Nicole has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 25 years and a psychotherapist for 15 years.  Her clinical work experience also includes child protection and investigative services, family shelters, Inpatient psychiatric care and urgent care settings.

Hanna Petros, BA
Adult Trauma Specialist

Hanna Petros is an Adult Trauma Specialist for the Institute of Health & Recovery in Watertown, Massachusetts. In her role, Hanna provides training and technical assistance on various topics related to trauma and substance abuse, with a focus on implementing trauma-informed care. Hanna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Tufts University and has gained valuable professional experience through psychoeducational workshops, academic research, and organizational management.

Hanna’s work is driven by her passion to help individuals who have experienced trauma to heal. For the past decade, she has been actively involved in advocating for democracy, human rights, and the freedom of political prisoners in Eritrea, as well as refugee rights. As a survivor herself, Hanna has presented at the United Nations Human Rights Council in both Geneva and New York, specifically for the Human Rights Concern event. She has also collaborated with respected non-profit organizations, including Human Rights Concern Eritrea, PBS Frontline, and the Inter-Parliamentary Union, in order to raise awareness about the atrocities faced by Eritreans within their country, during their escape, and throughout the resettlement process.

Densie Darmetko, MSW
Adult Trauma Specialist

Denise is an Adult Trauma Specialist for the Institution of Health & Recovery. She has worked in various management and Clinical positions for over twenty years.  Denise has engaged women in trauma-informed substance use and co-occurring disorders treatment, by providing counseling and therapeutic treatment through groups and intensive therapy.  Denise has provided a holistic intervention for hard to reach and high-risk individuals and families within various shelters throughout the state.

She has been a community organizer for over 20 years and participated and directed at risk youth in performances both in Boston and New York with the All-Star Project and the Castillo Theatre. She has been practicing yoga and mindfulness for over 30 years and is a trained yoga teacher. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and advocacy from UMass Boston and her Master of Social Work Degree from Salem State University.