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Donate to IHR

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Your support over the years has allowed IHR to maintain its focus on building family recovery for Massachusetts families struggling with substance use disorders, trauma, homelessness, and other challenges. Our work helps over 3,000 families each year to foster resilience and support recovery. This translates to tangible outcomes like stable employment, permanent housing, and family unification.

IHR does not give up. During the pandemic, we have increased our efforts to reach out to clients and break down their isolation, support them in the face of stigma, address their mental health challenges, and help them find concrete resources.

We ask you to partner with us in the journey to recovery - Make a donation.

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Keep families together.

IHR’s range of services keeps families together, supporting them in recovering & healing. This work was the vision of our founder, Dr. Norma Finkelstein. Your generosity can help Massachusetts families build on success. Please support Massachusetts families this year.

Thank you Cambridge Trust Charitable Foundation for your thoughtful gift in honor of IHR’s founder Norma Finkelstein. Your generosity will allow IHR to continue to offer hope and recovery to families throughout Massachusetts.

The Institute for Health & Recovery is a 501(c)(3). Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.