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  • FRP Video.

    Family Recovery Project

    FRP provides individuals and families with intensive home-based substance abuse engagement and treatment.
  • GH2 Video.

    Grove Hall Getting Healthier (GH²)

    GH² sought to prevent, and reduce substance use and HIV/STD risks in youth aged 12–17 in the Grove Hall Community.
  • Hope Rising Video.

    Hope Rising

    The Institute for Health and Recovery is a state-wide non-profit organization with offices and services throughout Massachusetts.
  • RENEW Project Video.

    RENEW Project

    The RENEW Project addresses the need for women to receive continuous services during the critical period of transition from jail to various community settings.
  • Trauma Informed Care Supervision Video.

    Trauma Informed Care Supervision

    This video by IHR and Network 180 illustrates the use of trauma-informed supervision as an important mechanism for ensuring the provision of trauma-informed care.
  • Trauma Informed Interactions with Clients Video.

    Trauma Informed Interactions with Clients

    Sometimes it is hard for direct care providers to envision the concrete ways in which an understanding of trauma can be integrated into interactions with clients. For this reason, IHR and Network 180 made this one-hour video.
  • YARD Project Video.

    YARD Project

    This South Boston-based project offered a variety of services and activities to assist young adults at all stages of treatment and recovery.